Technology solutions for the retail energy and comparison industries.

Automatically extract usage data from paper and PDF energy bills

Energy TEK can now provide you with a white-label web APP, branded with your colours and logo, that enables your customers to provide their energy usage quickly, easily and accurately by uploading or emailing their PDF bills or taking a photo of their paper bill using their smart phone or tablet.

The APP uses the latest OCR, image enhancement and artificial intelligence technology, and because it is a web APP, it doesn’t need to be uploaded from the APP store, making it easy for your customers to access.

Overview of Energy TEK Technologies

Energy TEK offers the following solutions:
• Extract usage and other data from energy bills using our white-label APP
• Custom APP development
• Data extraction from other types of bills and complex PDF and paper documents

Extract data from energy bills

Energy TEK can automatically extract the data required for an energy plan comparison from paper and electronic (eBill-PDF) energy bills.

Paper Bills

Energy TEK can automatically extract energy usage information from photographs, faxes and posted paper bills.

eBills & PDFs

Energy TEK can automatically extract energy usage information from uploaded or emailed eBill-PDFs.

Photo and eBill Upload Apps

Energy TEK can provide responsive white-label web APPs and native iOS and Android APPs to enable customers to easily upload photos and eBills via mobile, tablet or desktop.

Australian Energy Plan Database and Comparison Calculation

Auxilis has a database of all energy plans for residents and SMEs in all unregulated retail energy markets in Australia, including NSW, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and South-east Queensland.

Auxilis also has the ability to compare a customer’s current plan with all other plans available in that location and calculate the difference in cost. The calculations include seasonality adjustments to estimate annual usage from quarterly bills and any solar feed in. See screenshots below.

Custom APP Development

If required Energy TEK can customise the white-label web APP to meet the particular needs of your organisation. We can also create you a native iOS or Android version of the APP if desired.

Data extraction from other types of complex PDF and paper documents

Energy TEK can also build automated solutions to extract information from other types of consumer bills and any other complex PDF or paper documents to improve customer service and help make your back office more efficient.

Energy Tek Solution Scope

Regions Covered

NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, South-east Queensland, New Zealand

Customers Types Supported

Residents, SMEs

Data Extract Success Rates

PDF      95%+

Photo    85%+

Options to Provide Bill

Forward email with eBill, upload eBill, take photo of paper bill

Retailers Covered

All retailers

Mandatory manual check  of small retailer bills*

Approx 5% of all bills received

CRM Integration

The solution is integrated with the Zoho CRM and automatically corresponds with the customer by email to keep them informed on the status of their energy review, recommendations and follow ups.

The system can be integrated with any CRM.

White Labels & Customisation

Auxilis can brand and customise the solution to meet the requirements of the customer.

Device Types Supported

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

APP Solution

Progressive web APP (PWA) – saves the customer time as it does not require download from an APP store.

Native Apple iOS and Android APPs can also be provided if required.

Solar Feed In Tariff


Bills with multiple meters

Not currently supported but is on our development road-map.

Group meters e.g. aged care facilities


Demand Charges

Bills with demand charges are supported but are flagged and processed manually at this stage. We only consider demand charge plans as an option of the customer is already on a demand charge plan.

MSATs Integration

Not integrated with MSATS out of the box.

The system can be integrated with MSATs if it is available to the customer.

Online EIC and Switch

The system has the facility to perform an online EIC and switch if supported by the retailer. Alternatively the system can be integrated with a call-centre CRM.

The system produces and securely provides a CAF file for the retailer. If supported by the retailer, API integration can be developed.

Features Coming Soon

  • Extract annual usage from historical usage bar chart

  • Paper bill unfolding

*As we have only seen a relatively small number of bills from some of the smaller retailers we do a mandatory manually check for all these bills


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