Unlock data in complex documents - Paper and PDF

A custom build turn key solution

Provide us your document samples.

We will provide you with an API and User Interface to upload your documents.

Receive your data in JSON, XML or CSV(Excel) format.

Advanced algorithms & AI

We use proven advanced algorithms and AI to enhance images and unlock data from complex documents with variable formats.


Want to see it in action?

We will build you a free custom prototype.

Case Studies


EZswitch Energy Management in Australia has created a fully electronic energy comparison and switching service using the Data Key solution. EZswitch can extract detailed usage and billing data automatically from any energy bill in Australia from a photo or PDF and provide a comparison in seconds without human assistance.

Utility Bill Watch

Utility Bill Watch uses a Data Key API to extract detailed information from water bills from a number of Australian suppliers. 

Data Key saves Utility Bill Watch hundreds of hours a month in data entry time, reducing cost and significantly improving the accuracy of the data collected.  


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